V-STAR Tactical UAV — Engineering TV


August 5, 2008 — The V-STAR unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) offers next-generation solutions for frontline military logistics and related multi-role endurance missions. Providing commanders with a VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource – V-STAR provides vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), transitioning to fixed-wing flight and able to reach mission areas up to three times faster than helicopters.

Dubbed the “HUMVEE of the air,” the vehicle’s unique modular payload allows for rapid change out in the field – one minute providing troops with ammo, food, water and fuel – and the next minute providing tactical reconnaissance, communications and close combat support.

V-STAR’s Gas Turbine Recuperator – Engineering TV

All helicopter engines, such as the proven powerplants used in V-STAR, require increasingly precious fuel. Frontline’s patent-pending MicroFire gas turbine recuperator changes the game. MicroFire uses advanced materials and heat exchanger innovations to dramatically increase fuel-efficiency and reduce carbon emissions for the proven Rolls-Royce Series 250 engine family. Originally developed to enhance V-STAR, the MicroFire recuperator can achieve as much as 40% increase in thermal efficiency and can upgrade Rolls-Royce Series 250 engines worldwide to achieve the first true “green” helicopter.

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