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Frontline Aerospace: Leading Aftermarket Turbine Efficiency Retrofits & Aviation Innovations

Frontline Aerospace, Inc. is in the Cleantech and Aerospace markets, with a primary focus on commercial gas turbine efficiency through our IsoCool™ and MicroFire™ aftermarket gas turbine retrofit products for the Rolls-Royce Model 250 helicopter engine and Siemens (Rolls-Royce) 501K ground based gas turbine. Our new compressor technology is poised to improve ground-based power generation and aviation industries by  enhancing both power and fuel efficiency of widely deployed turboshaft gas turbine engine systems around the globe.  This capability can increase range, endurance, reduce pollution, and improve the value of existing equipment.

Our new clean sheet mid-sized business jet design—SkyFan™ is a revolutionary improvement in aircraft fuel economy, range and landing zone flexibility. Innovations in aircraft configuration, propulsive efficiency, and drag reduction drive SkyFan’s performance.

Frontline has three granted patents, two related to gas turbine technologies, the other for our Vertical Swift Tactical Aerial Resource (V-STAR) drone. V-STAR™ is the next generation in UAV fancraft that offers Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), long range payload transport, and high cruising velocities. Frontline has an additional eight patents pending in aircraft, energy, and gas turbine innovations.

Our management team has relevant energy, gas turbine, drone, and aerospace experience and our advisory board consists of retired Air Force generals and aviation experts.

Video on how Frontline Aerosapce is distrupting the business jet market