Presenting at Revolution Aero Europe 2019

Ryan S. Wood, Founder and CEO of Frontline Aerospace, has been invited to present the SkyFan business jet design at Europe 2019. This event is where people are rethinking and revolutionizing business and personal aviation. The event brings together new start-ups disrupting the market with companies that have been leading the industry for decades. It helps investors, analysts, journalists and other thought-leaders to understand this uniquely regulated industry and help the industry to plot the future.

Mr. Wood’s talk is titled:

Disrupting the Business Jet—But How?

Business jet design has been stagnating for decades—a simple tube, with wings, and two engines on either side. Granted they range in size, range, speed and comfort, but in the end, there has been nothing disruptive—just evolutionary.  Frontline’s eye-catching SkyFan business jet design will change this by dramatically doubling the overall energy efficiency of the aircraft. Along with a mindful eye toward established passenger requirements of the industry.

Join us:
11 AND 12 MARCH 2019

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