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Daily Breeze Startburst accelerator March 2016 Frontline Aerospace

Silicon Beach meets corporate aerospace giants at Redondo Beach innovation hub

Original Article by Sandy Mazza via on 3/10/2016 Start-ups brought innovations to make aircraft faster, lighter, less noisy, more accurate, and less dangerous at a unique event Thursday in Redondo Beach designed like TV’s “Shark Tank,” uniting entrepreneurs with corporate space and defense leaders. Most presenters brought satellite and drone technology — fields that, if market

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IsoCool 501K Isothermal compression for Gas turbine engines - efficiency


ISOCOOL: ADVANCED BRAYTON CYCLE TURBINE MODIFICATIONS CAN BOOST POWER, LOWER HEAT RATE AND EMISSIONS According to thermodynamic principles, when the temperature of gases entering a turbine exceeds the temperature of gases entering the compressor, the turbine can deliver more power than the compressor consumes. Therefore the engine can produce a net power output (contingent upon other criteria being met). The efficiency with which

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Turbomachinery Magazine

TURBOMACHINERY INTERNATIONAL Covers Frontline’s Allison 501K Retrofit

Turbomachinery International via its Turbomachinery Magazine publishes article on Frontline Aerospace’s Rolls-Royce 501K Gas Turbine cost-effective retrofit kits.   The article features Frontline’s IsoCool 501K product-line which improves fuel efficiency and performance for aviation and ground-based or marine power-generation assets through liquid cooled isothermal compression. Full article (credit Turbomachinery International): Turbomachinery Mag Allison 501K Retrofit Frontline Aerospace Nov 2015

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Press Analytics show $2M Capital Funding PR had had reach into international markets

November 1, 2015 | News wire agency Business Wire released its  press release analytics report today.  Metrics show over 200 news agencies and media outlets, with a combined average monthly readership of over 45 million visits covered the release titled, “Frontline Aerospace Raises $2 Million for New Gas Turbine Technologies,“ to date. International interest represented over 42%

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A Hot Idea For RR 250 Could Cut Fuel Burn By 40%

Sunday, February 8, 2009 Harry Weisberger Savings of up to 40 percent on jet fuel for the Rolls-Royce 250 turbine-engine family? That is the prospect offered by Frontline Aerospace, said company CEO Ryan Wood in describing an emerging aviation technology called gas turbine recuperation. Frontline’s patent-pending product, MicroFire, extracts waste heat from turbine-engine exhaust gases

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V-STAR Tactical UAV — Engineering TV

August 5, 2008 — The V-STAR unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) offers next-generation solutions for frontline military logistics and related multi-role endurance missions. Providing commanders with a VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource – V-STAR provides vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), transitioning to fixed-wing flight and able to reach mission areas up to three times faster than helicopters.

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