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Coverage on Frontline’s new SkyFan™ business jet in Jetset Magazine, April 23, 2019. Business jet design has been stagnating for decades—a simple tube, wings, and two engines—nothing disruptive—just evolutionary. Frontline Aerospace’s SkyFan eight passenger clean sheet design will change this by radically improving the overall aircraft efficiency. SkyFan has solved the long-standing challenges of business

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SkyFan Premier Business Jet by Frontline Aerospace

Digital Journal Talks About SkyFan

Revolutionary New Business Jet Design Delivers Intercontinental Range at $1 Per Nautical mile and Still Lands at Your Local Airport.  BROOMFIELD, Colo. – February 26, 2019 – (  Ryan S. Wood, Founder and CEO of Frontline Aerospace, is delivering a talk at in London on March 12. event is where people are rethinking and revolutionizing

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Daily Breeze Startburst accelerator March 2016 Frontline Aerospace

Silicon Beach Meets Aerospace at Innovation Hub

Original Article by Sandy Mazza via on 3/10/2016 Start-ups brought innovations to make aircraft faster, lighter, less noisy, more accurate, and less dangerous at a unique event Thursday in Redondo Beach designed like TV’s “Shark Tank,” uniting entrepreneurs with corporate space and defense leaders. Most presenters brought satellite and drone technology — fields that, if market

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IsoCool 501K Isothermal compression for Gas turbine engines - efficiency


ISOCOOL: ADVANCED BRAYTON CYCLE TURBINE MODIFICATIONS CAN BOOST POWER, LOWER HEAT RATE AND EMISSIONS According to thermodynamic principles, when the temperature of gases entering a turbine exceeds the temperature of gases entering the compressor, the turbine can deliver more power than the compressor consumes. Therefore the engine can produce a net power output. The efficiency with which the engine converts heat energy into

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Turbomachinery Magazine

TURBOMACHINERY Publishes Allison 501K Retrofit

Turbomachinery International via its Turbomachinery Magazine publishes article on Frontline Aerospace’s Rolls-Royce Allison 501K Gas Turbine cost-effective retrofit kits.   The article features Frontline’s IsoCool 501K product-line which improves fuel efficiency and performance.  Used for both aviation and ground-based or marine power-generation assets through liquid cooled isothermal compression. Full article (credit Turbomachinery International): Turbomachinery Mag Allison 501K

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NREL Industry Growth Forum

Press analytics show NREL PR total potential of 47 million readers

November 5, 2015 | News wire agency Business Wire released its press release analytics report today. Metrics show over 200 news agencies and media outlets, with a combined average monthly readership of 47 million visits covered the release titled, “Frontline Aerospace to Present at NREL Industry Growth Forum,” to date. FRONTLINE AEROSPACE TO PRESENT AT

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Press Analytics show $2M Capital Funding PR had had reach into international markets

November 1, 2015 | News wire agency Business Wire released its  press release analytics report today.  Metrics show over 200 news agencies and media outlets, with a combined average monthly readership of over 45 million visits covered the release titled, “Frontline Aerospace Raises $2 Million for New Gas Turbine Technologies,“ to date. International interest represented over 42%

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Long Discarded VTOL Concepts Revived in Unmanned Systems

July 13, 2010 The V-STAR mock-up designed by Colorado-based Frontline Aerospace was displayed in booth 1435. Sized at full-scale in the same category as the AD-150, the V-STAR would be powered by two Rolls-Royce Model 250 engines. The engines drive one ducted fan in the centre of the V-shaped fuselage for vertical lift and an

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At Robot Show, Future Of Warfare Is On Display

Denver, Colorado, August 27, 2009 — From robotic insects that can crawl and fly to spy drones that look and move like real hummingbirds, the future of warfare was on display this week at a massive robotic conference here. This year’s Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International show attracted more than 6,000 visitors — well

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