V-STAR™ Logistics Supply Drone

VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource


Tactical UAVs have tremendous potential to transform outcomes on the battlefield. But none until V-STAR™ has solved the longstanding challenges of providing rapid, flexible logistical support for troops in the field, while also giving commanders optional payloads for a wide range of specialized missions. Our VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource – or V-STAR™ – is the “HUMVEE of the air” and provides a breakthrough solution for front-line military logistics and related Multi-Role Endurance missions. With modular payload at the center-of-gravity, V-STAR™ provides real mission flexibility: it can carry ISTAR (intelligence / surveillance / target acquisition / reconnaissance) packages or weapons, then morph in minutes back to its primary role of providing front-line combat logistics. V-STAR™ is a unique unmanned aircraft system, combining a creative box-wing aerodynamic design with revolutionary propulsion improvements into a platform that stands alone in its ability to accomplish such missions. The V-STAR™ drone incorporates the following enabling technologies and capabilities:

  • V-STAR™ is a VTOL platform that uses an enclosed ducted fan for lift during takeoff. This fan duct is closed for forward flight.
  • Because its unique box-wing configuration provides lift during forward flight, it can travel to mission areas at up to three times the speed of a helicopter, with the efficiency of an airplane, thus increasing flexibility and operating radius.
  • The rotor-free design results in a significant reduction in sound levels, a key to platform and personnel survivability. It also simplifies operations and enhances safety, by reducing the amount of clear space required for landing.

  • The vehicle’s unique modular payload bay, located at the center of mass, allows for rapid change-out in the field––one minute providing ISR support, the next minute providing close combat support, logistical support, communications, or casualty evacuation as needed.
  • V-STAR’s multi-engine design provides redundancy for powered flight, and operation of electrical components. V-STAR’s fixed wing flight only requires a single engine, greatly enhancing efficiency over comparable rotary winged platforms.

In brief, V-STAR offers superior speed, rate of climb, reliability, endurance, and payload and mission flexibility, compared to other UAVs. For the first time, here is a UAV that truly delivers key capabilities that military forces are looking for now and will demand in the future. V-STAR provides operators with a single platform that:

  • Conducts VTOL flight operations
  • Operates 2-3 times faster than helicopters – cruise at up to 400 knots
  • Provides tremendous payload and mission flexibility (logistical, lethal and ISR–intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
  • Delivers leading edge specific fuel consumption (SFC) improvements with our MicroFire recuperator and IsoCool engine technologies
  • Employs kneeling landing gear, allowing greater landing zone flexibility
  • Eliminates exposed blades, using enclosed ducted fans for efficiency and safety
  • Substantially improves noise stealth over helicopters

All this is accomplished without the need for technological breakthroughs: these are mature technologies integrated in a creative new way, thereby lowering costs for development, acquisition and deployment. Frontline Aerospace, Inc.’s patented V-STAR integrates advanced ducted-fan lift technology with proven and reliable Rolls-Royce Model 250 turboshaft engines to maximize the utility of the UAV at low unit and maintenance costs.


Frontline Aerospace has a powerful team of people specializing in advanced systems engineering, digital simulations, aircraft conceptual design, program management, and military concept of operations (CONOPS). We are well positioned to present a credible UAV solution for a wide range of specialized military and non-military missions including search-and-rescue, urban reconnaissance and border security.


V-STAR Developmental Milestones

  • Conceptual Design – October 2007
  • Water Tunnel Testing – January 2008
  • Wind Tunnel Testing – Naval Research Labs – April 2008
  • V-STAR Cargo 6,500 pound TOGW design for Office of Naval Research – February 2009
  • V-STAR design patent granted – April 2009
  • ¼ scale design – June 2009
  • ¼ scale prototype – July 2009
  • Flight testing – August 2009
  • Wing extensions – October 2009
  • Redesigned ducted pusher fan – March 2010
  • Flight testing – June 2010
  • Medium Range Maritime UAS RFP response – October 2011
  • V-STAR utility patent issues – March 2012

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