Frontline Aerospace, Inc., is an advanced manufacturing company focused on breakthrough energy efficiency technologies that increase the performance, reduce emissions and fuel consumption of gas turbines. The company’s new compressor technology, IsoCool, and MicroFire recuperator technologies are designed to save money and fuel, increase the payload and range of thousands of in-service helicopters, as well enhance performance in ground-based military, industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing, pipeline pumping and power generation.

Our new mid-sized business jet, SkyFan has solved the long-standing challenges of business jets—namely dramatic range and productivity improvements, fuel efficiency, noise reduction and landing zone flexibility. SkyFan™ is a revolutionary business jet.

Our V-STAR supply logistics drone is designed for high density payloads (water, fuel, ammunition) to be delivered quickly and quietly at 300 knots directly to the warfighter in the field with its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability.