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Skyfan mid sized business jet brochure cover

SkyFan™ is a Revolutionary Mid-Sized Business Jet

Frontline Aerospace introduced their SkyFan cleansheet business jet at the corporate jet investors conference in London in January 2019. The press release includes quotes from several leading experts in aircraft design and implementation. SKyfan doubles the range of a business jet and delivers fuel economy at a $1/ nautical mile for 8 passengers.

Long Discarded VTOL Concepts Revived in Unmanned Systems

July 13, 2010 The V-STAR mock-up designed by Colorado-based Frontline Aerospace was displayed in booth 1435. Sized at full-scale in the same category as the AD-150, the V-STAR would be powered by two Rolls-Royce Model 250 engines. The engines drive one ducted fan in the centre of the V-shaped fuselage for vertical lift and an

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