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Power-Gen Expo

Gas Turbine Fuel Saving Technologies

Frontline Aerospace, Inc is in the Cleantech and Defense markets. With primary focus on commercial gas turbine efficiency.  Through our IsoCool™ compressor technology with Q-Blade and MicroFire™ Recuperator aftermarket fuel savings retrofit products. For instance, these products are designed for Rolls-Royce and Siemens axial turbine aviation and power generation engines. Frontline is presenting our products at

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IsoCool 501K Isothermal compression for Gas turbine engines - efficiency


ISOCOOL: ADVANCED BRAYTON CYCLE TURBINE MODIFICATIONS CAN BOOST POWER, LOWER HEAT RATE AND EMISSIONS According to thermodynamic principles, when the temperature of gases entering a turbine exceeds the temperature of gases entering the compressor, the turbine can deliver more power than the compressor consumes. Therefore the engine can produce a net power output. The efficiency with which the engine converts heat energy into

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