C20B5Gas turbines need to compress air for combustion. Over the decades much work has been done to optimize the efficiency of airfoils, stator rows (stationary airfoils) and compressor blades (spinning) to improve the efficiency of this compression process, which is typically about 80%. At each stage of compression the air increases in temperature and pressure and demands more power and energy to compress it. Frontline’s IsoCool™ product reduces the amount of power and energy required to compress the air by removing heat from each axial stage of compression via our patent-pending Q-Blade Technology. Depending on the pressure ratio, turbine power and application, this can save 5-10% in fuel and increase available horsepower by 10-15%.

Frontline’s initial focus is on Rotorcraft using the Rolls-Royce Model 250 C20 and C20R series. A simple retrofit replaces the existing compressor housing with new Q-Blade stator rings and a liquid cooled housing. Heat extracted during the air compression cycle is dumped via a radiator to the atmosphere. This retrofit significantly improves the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine.

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