Frontline Aerospace Invited To Showcase V-STAR Design

Broomfield, Colorado, October 5, 2008 — Frontline Aerospace, Inc., has accepted an invitation to present V-STAR technology to the American Helicopter Society (AHS) at the International Specialist’s Meeting on Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems to be held in January 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“V-STAR is advancing state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – from wing-morphing to breakthrough improvements in specific fuel consumption,” said Frontline Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ryan Wood.

“In practical terms V-STAR puts leading-edge insights at the front lines of our nation’s defense,” said Frontline advisory board member Lt. Gen. (USAF, retired) Timothy Kinnan, recent honoree as Outstanding Aerospace Engineer from Purdue University, former vice president of Lockheed Martin and now President of Wallace Lighthouse Consulting.

“Sometimes the big companies get it right,” said Kinnan, “but other times we see a visionary startup like Frontline Aerospace that finds a way to assemble exciting new technologies in a novel aircraft configuration that makes a leap ahead of the big corporations.”


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