Broomfield, Colorado, September 29, 2014 – Today US Magistrate Judge Stephen C. Riedlinger, (US Federal Court Middle District of Louisiana) issued a judgment and opinion in Civil Action 3:10-cv-10-00297-SCR (International Mezzo Technologies vs. Frontline Aerospace, Inc.).

“Despite the Judge taking nearly three years to rule after the bench trial, we are delighted with the ruling that vindicated our defense against the plaintiff in every way,” said Frontline CEO Ryan Wood.

“Our representation by Jones & Walker LLP was stellar, helping a start-up company navigate the labyrinth of complexities of an intellectual property lawsuit and trial. Issues of inventorship, non-disclosure efficacy, expert testimony, summary judgments and depositions all could have overwhelmed Frontline, yet we won the lawsuit,” said Wood.

“Now that our MicroFire™ recuperator patent 7,775,031 has been challenged and successfully defended in court, its commercial and financial value for Frontline has increased,” said Wood.

“Let me add on a personal note that this experience of being a defendant, going through trial and winning is one that certainly sharpens your business acumen in an accelerated way. You end the process with a much deeper appreciation for lawyers and the law,” said Wood.

Frontline Aerospace, Inc. is an advanced manufacturing company based near Denver, CO focusing on breakthrough energy efficiency and aviation concepts.

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