Frontline Aerospace Unveils ‘HUMVEE Of The Air’

Broomfield, CO – Frontline Aerospace, Inc., announced a breakthrough aircraft configuration code-named V-STAR ™ – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – and associated MicroFire ™ gas turbine fuel-efficiency technology.

“Our VTOL-Swift Tactical Aerial Resource ™ – or V-STAR™ – is the ‘HUMVEE of the air’ and provides a breakthrough solution for frontline military logistics and related Multi-Role Endurance (MRE) missions,” said Frontline founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryan S. Wood.

“With payload at the center-of-gravity, V-STAR™ provides real mission flexibility,” he said, “since it can carry ISTAR (intelligence/surveillance/target acquisition/reconnaissance) packages or weapons – then morph back into its primary role providing frontline combat logistics.”

The modular payload approach allows for rapid change-out in the field – one minute providing troops with ammo, food, water and fuel – and the next minute providing tactical reconnaissance, communications and close combat support.




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CEO, Frontline Aerospace, Inc.

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