Poised to enter billion-dollar market, Pre-revenue, pre-production startup bucks funding trends

BROOMFIELD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bucking today’s over-cautious venture capital trends, Frontline Aerospace has raised $2 million to bring its new gas turbine engine efficiency technologies to market before producing products or booking sales.

“The time is right to go-to-market with the performance products we’ve been developing since 2008,” said Ryan S. Wood, founder and CEO of the Broomfield-based startup. “A Colorado Family Office with extensive military and aerospace experience saw the promise of our intellectual property, team and development progress. We’re pleased to announce that our interests are aligned with $2 million in operating capital, with the opportunity to disrupt the entire gas-turbine market for aviation, power generation and hundreds of industrial and commercial applications.”

Frontline has designed, patented and prototyped two bolt-on retrofit products – the MicroFire™ recuperator and the IsoCool™ compressor technology – that together can increase power and reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 40 percent, depending on the application, for tens of thousands of gas-turbine engines, including the Rolls Royce Model 250 family widely deployed in helicopters and drones. This initial funding round enables Frontline to quickly move to production and commercial sales.

“Using advanced manufacturing and materials to increase the efficiencies of heat transfer and combustion processes, Frontline is bringing fuel efficiency benefits to market that, if the proof-of-concept results are even half right, will be truly disruptive to a multi-billion-dollar industry,” said Lt. Gen. Timothy A. Kinnan, 34-year Air Force veteran, former Lockheed vice president, and advisor on Frontline’s board. “With the thermodynamic performance numbers we’re seeing with our products, turbine engines may approach the efficiency levels we see in diesel engines, which is mind boggling. It’s just a matter of fabricating at this point, and these products will sell themselves.”

About Frontline Aerospace

Frontline Aerospace, Inc., is an advanced manufacturing company focused on breakthrough energy efficiency technologies that increase the performance and dramatically reduce emissions and fuel consumption of turbine engines. The company’s IsoCool compressor and MicroFire recuperator technologies are designed to save money and fuel, increase the payload and range of thousands of in-service helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, as well enhance performance in numerous ground-based military, industrial and commercial applications including manufacturing, pipeline pumping and power generation. For more information,


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