Frontline Aerospace presents at Starburst Accelerator’s Aerospace Innovation Hub

3/10/16 – El Segundo, CA – Today, Frontline Aerospace had the honor to present at the Starburst Accelerator’s 3rd “Aerospace Innovation Hub” event; this time hosted at Northrop Grumman’s El Segundo, CA Aerospace Systems facility.  Frontline CEO, Ryan Wood, presented the company’s current and pending product-lines and initiatives in aerospace and sustainability technologies.   Many of the company’s products improve existing fielded assets by increasing efficiency and augmenting system capability. Other product’s like the V-STAR take a revolutionary approach to aerospace design and integrate some of Frontline’s other products as subsystems.

Frontline featured the following products at the Aerospace Innovation Hub, March 2016:

  • V-STAR™ – high-speed, long-range, payload-capable vertical take of and landing drone
  • Microfire™ gas turbine recuperator retrofit for increased fuel efficiency
  • IsoCool™ isostatic gas turbine isothermal compression retrofit for increased fuel efficiency and performance

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