Frontline Aerospace, Inc. is in the Cleantech and Aerospace markets, with a primary focus on our commercial gas turbine efficiency retrofit products. Our technology is poised to improve the helicopter industry by dramatically reducing fuel consumption of the Allison Rolls-Royce Model 250 gas turbine that powers about half the helicopters in the world.

Our new clean sheet business jet design—SkyFan™ is a revolutionary improvement in aircraft fuel economy, range, and landing zone flexibility. 

Frontline has three granted patents, two related to our gas turbine efforts, the other for our Vertical Swift Tactical Aerial Resource (V-STAR) drone. V-STAR is the next generation in UAV capability—fancraft, like in the movies Avatar and Avengers. Frontline has an additional eight patents pending in aircraft and gas turbines.

Our management team has relevant energy, drone, and rotorcraft experience and our advisory board consists of retired Air Force generals and aviation experts.